Lawn Care


The owners Chuck or Ken at your request will come to your property and provide a free no cost evaluation of your lawn. This evaluation explains in detail what problems you have in establishing and or maintaining your lawn. We will give one or more options to repair or eliminate these problems and what your cost is to do so.

Upon your approval we will schedule routine visits to your property throughout the growing season. After completing each application the technician will leave a detailed note as to what was done and how you may be able to enhance that day’s treatment. This note along with a self-addressed envelope is hung on your door in a plastic bag. If you are a full service mowing and lawn program we offer monthly equal installment payments, these are either billed by postal or Email. (email is preferred - Check, Visa or Master card is accepted.)

With Ultra Turf you deal with the owners where we work hard to give you what you are looking for. If for some reason we cannot, you will know it up front so no time or effort is wasted by either party. Give us a try and you will find yourself happily saying “Check out my Ultra Turf”

Weed Control

Ultra Turf treats for weeds each visit to your property. If weather is to cold, hot or dry, applications are adjusted accordingly.

There are many different types of weeds, weed grass and plants such as sedge (yellow and purple nut sedge) which requires special products and attention that Ultra Turf can provide. Heavy infestations take additional treatments and time to control.

Insect Management

Ultra Turf provides insect management for both lawn and landscape plants. The Virginia transition zone provides more and longer life cycles of turf and plant damaging insects. Insect control is a part of Ultra Turf’s lawn and shrub care programs. Tick control and other means of treatments when needed are available for additional cost.


This is a very important service to have done each year. Fall is the best time although some conditions may require spring aeration. Starting late August through October our machines poke holes and pull a plug of dirt to help:

  • • Break down thatch
  • • Relieve compaction
  • • Allow air, water, sunlight and the products we apply to get closer to the root zone to improve existing and new grass.
  • • Improves over seeding results by allowing better soil contact with the seed.

Aeration is a must have service in order to build and maintain a healthy lawn in this area. We feel it is so important we haven’t raised our price for core aeration in 25 years.

Power Seeding

Power seeding uses a machine dispenser that drops seed in front of spinning blades that scratch the surface of the soil giving more soil contact and a more even germination of seed. This method is good when establishing a new lawn or repairing more difficult areas.

Soil corrections – Topdressing

Lime, top soil or composted material is delivered and spread to improve difficult areas. This service is limited to areas at a minimum charge of $500. During the month of August, the minimum charge is lowered for existing fertilization customers. Contact Ultra Turf for more details.

Organic Alternatives

At Ultra Turf, we use organics in our fertilization whenever possible. If you prefer not to use pesticide or herbicides, we can accommodate your request. Keep in mind the use of some nonorganic materials applied at the correct time and amounts prevents us from having to use more in the future to control unwanted pests. Discuss your options with an Ultra Turf Representative.

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