Off Season Projects


Summer is the time to add hard scapes like walks, walls, patios, ponds, lighting. It's also time to strategize your fall treatments to the lawn. Removing unwanted weed grass (nut sedge, Bermude, Poa. etc.) and lightening thatch layers (dead roots and grass clippings) should also be done in the summer. Adding a top dressing of soli or composted materials before early fall aeration and seeding.
Please email or call and let us know your interests so we can get back to you.

Late Fall/Winter

It's Not to late to trim, prune & clean up the plant beds.

We can help:

  • Prune, trim & clean up plant beds.
  • Remove Leafs.
  • Apply mulch (or wait until spring)

Develop next year's strategy while this year is still fresh in your mind!